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Your all-in-one hotel IT solution

Managing your hotel IT


Manage and sync bookings from all platforms

Integrate payment system

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Website Development

Build a website for your hotel with integrated functionality

Website Development

Tell me about what functionalities you want and I will help you achieve them.

pricing strategy and financial tools

Are you looking for ways to increase your channel conversion by being more active on social media and setting up a pricing strategy that will help you increase profit?

I can create a model for you to calculate what happens when you change prices on your website and different channels.


Defend against phishing attacks and Spams

Help you secure your website and accounts so you won’t fall pray to being a victim. Phishing activities are becoming more rampant and sophisticated. By a BBC article, scammers are willing to pay £2000 for your credentials in the dark web.



Hotel Management IT Solution

Do you have a hotel website but want to add functionality?

Syncing bookings from multiple channels

Do you post your hotel on multiple channels?

If you want to manage your listings on sites such as Expedia,, airbnb, Vrbo, tripadvisor and Google Hotel in one central place, I am able to help.


Integrate payment

Are you tired of paying 15% or more for websites to post your hotel and want to be in control of payment management?

You can automate money collection, refunds and make changes easily.


Maintenance & Updates

Are you also looking for help with ongoing maintenance? I can help.

My Process


Schedule an initial chat and see if we would be a good fit to work together.

Talk about you business needs

Let’s talk through in details how I can help you achieve your goals.


Deliver solutions that actually solve your problems.


Maintain your website and monitor solutions that we implemented.

Featured Work

Website Development

Hotel Derby

A hotel in the beautiful town of Sauze d’Oulx in the Piedmont region in Italy, situated in a ski town.

I worked with the owner to completely automate their hotel booking, integrating with and allow guests to book straight on the website to avoid paying commissions. The owner no longer has to keep track of bookings from inquiries through the phone, emails, and keeping track of bookings on

Owner’s feedback:

“Hotel Tech Team is the best engineering team I’ve ever had. I have so much more free time now and if there are problems, they figure out what my needs are before I even finish my sentence.”


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About Me


I work as a software engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, USA. I love visiting Europe and go there myself every year and have gotten to know the challenges that a lot of hotel and B&B owners / management face. After working on the website for one of my clients, I realized that I love helping local businesses and making concrete impacts. That’s why I’ve started this service to help more hotels and B&B’s to serve travelers better.